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So, can I make an album in a day? Apparently, yes.
A good one? I'll let you be the judge of that, listener.

3 hours of recording, 1 of monitoring, 2 of mastering, aaand that's it. One afternoon of work, while fucking around on tumblr, twitter & facebook. I didn't even think it as a challenge, it just happened. After breakfast, I thought “oh, I should record one track today!” and then I recorded another one. And another one. And... oops, here is an album! Wow.

I'd rather view it as a double-EP, though, rather than a whole album. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn't, actually.

Tracks 1, 2 & 8 are actually really old compositions of mine, I wrote them in 2006. I was a monitor in some school and it was really boring, so I passed some time on the piano in the music room when the kids weren't there. These three tracks come from there.
Tracks 3 & 7 were composed during this month, shortly after the release of Emoji Death Threats and Instagram's Codeine Kingpin, while working on my upcoming (metal) album, Gorilla Warfare.
Track 5 originates from a retro-gaming medley — “Retrollection”, based on Laurent Voulzy's song Rockollection — composed last year, that I'll probably never release.
Track 6 was composed 2 or 3 months ago, when I asked myself “what if I try to play some Meshuggah or Periphery on piano?” (NO I WILL NOT SAY THE D WORD) — it is, in a way, an echo of my song Umeå Dance Party from Cyber Woman With Corn.
Track 4 was composed on the go, today, while I was recording the other tracks. I thought I recorded only 6 songs instead of 7 so I quickly made this one to fill the hole, that actually was nonexistent. TIFU.

Is it heavily inspired by Ryūichi Sakamoto? Yes.


released June 26, 2014

Nelson Dorian Masson : piano.
Also composing, recording, mastering.
Album art based on a photoshop by Anonymous, edited by Nelson Dorian Masson.